Vitamin Shots

The injection menu is a great way for you to get relief or ward off some of those chronic health issues. Each formulation targets your specific problem with nutrients, vitamins and homeopathics crucial to ensuring your body has what it needs to get you feeling better. From an instant boost in energy, improved athletic performance, allergy prevention, immune boosting for flu prevention, this menu has it all covered.


B12 Energy, Mood, Sleep, Metabolism  
Immune Boost Frequent colds/flus or do they linger too long  
Flu Support Boost your immune system to avoid the flu and if your do get the flu it will help symptoms  
  Improve your energy and performance  
Seasonal Allergies Stop or reduce those symptoms to all allergies: Seasonal Hayfever or food allergies  
Adrenal fatigue Exhaustion – physical and mental, nervousness, restlessness or poor sleep  
Over Training (Athletes) Adrenal support for athletes ensures you don’t get hurt as often and that you recover quickly.  
Skin Support Supports healthy skin: hydration and complexion.   
Lipotropic B Vitamin Increase your chances to lose weight while on a dietary program with the lipotropic injections.  

*Results may vary from person to person