Perfect is the enemy of the good

on April 4, 2015 by: Dr. Stacey Richards 0 Comments

Are you like me and have put off doing that thing you’ve  thought  of doing for a long time because you are not quite ready yet or the idea needs more work. You’ve had the idea but haven’t been able to execute it because you think you can’t possibly do it on your own.  Or you’ve worked at it for months or years. Doing a little bit here  and a little bit there. You are told your idea is brilliant. But for some reason it is not quite getting to a place you can produce it.

I’ve had to learn that the longer  I delayed the process of putting my ideas or dreams out there the less likely I was  to execute them unless I came to the realization as to why I was in limbo. My reasons for stalling is because I was fearful – what will people think of me, what if it fails, what if I look like an incompetent fool . All those negative self thoughts and more held me back because I was standing in fear. Fear is paralyzing. It keeps us stagnant. It’s a natural emotion but the challenge is not to let it hold you back.




Finally, after years – yes, I said years –  of working on myself I got it. I figured out that my reasons for staying stuck on an idea. It was because I felt I needed more than what I had to offer to execute my dreams. I didn’t realize I was enough and that I had everything I needed to follow my goals.


It’s an empowered realization. To know that you are enough requires a shift in the way you see yourself. You have to accept yourself as you are. Don’t be so hard on yourself.




Perfection is not realistic. It only sets us up for failure and keeps us stuck in fear.





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