Are You in Chronic or Acute Pain?





Are you in pain? Have you tried everything and still suffering?

The truth is according a research only 25% of those in chronic pain get relief from typical treatments. So that means 75% of us are living our lives in constant pain.

Pain has robbed you of your confidence, your once very active lifestyle and a good night’s sleep is elusive. Maybe you are gaining weight and tired all the time because your sleep has taken a dive. At this point you are stress and maybe even depressed. Being in chronic pain is traumatizing in itself. It affects how you feel about yourself; and interact with friends, family and work. 

You are ready to live your best life. Not just get rid of the pain but healing on a all levels.


This is how SMRT Health will support you live your BEST life:

  • We work to get rid to the ROOT of your health concerns. We know getting rid of the pain is not enough we want to address all components of your health to ensure your pain is gone or minimized completely.
  • We are have a SOLUTIONS focused approach to health – we are creative in our approach to get you well.
  • We work together as a TEAM to get you to your best health. Often our patients move from room to room.
  • We LISTEN to your concerns: We know you have tried everything or pretty close. Your healing is important to us and we take it seriously.




OUR APPROACH to Being PAIN-FREE. Here are the 4 highly effective approaches that has worked for our patients.

1. Prolotherapy  This has been proven to be an effective treatment for chronically painful conditions, attributed to ‘weak’ or ‘lax’ ligaments and tendons.

2. Perineural Injection TherapyThis gives immediate lasting relief and treats the problem not masks the pain.

3.  Acupuncture –  This gives lasting relief and treats the problem not masks the pain.

4. Massage – Massage has been shown to relieve low back pain, and improve joint flexibility. It treats and prevent and arthritis, sports injuries, carpel tunnel, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.

5. Diet and Nutrition support  – This is an integral part of pain management. Food as medicine means giving your body the nutrients it needs to heal.

6. Counseling –  Chronic pain is as much an emotional condition as it is physical.  Especially if your pain triggers depression.