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Holistic nutrition is used to support the body as a whole through customized nutrition plans created for an individual’s unique biochemical makeup. There is no one dietary plan that works for everyone because each body is created differently.

The goal of holistic nutrition is to facilitate and support a health plan to build a strong foundation for long term optimum health.  There are no short cut or one size that fits all. Our dietary needs are as unique as each individual. What we eat impacts our health in many ways, it is the foundation of who we are. Certain foods and nutrients have the power to stop or start inflammation in our bodies. 

The key to understanding your unique dietary needs is to listen to what your body is telling you:

  • Are you in pain?
  • Are your hormones disrupted?
  • Are you moody? Experiencing mood changes?
  • Is your sleep disrupted?
  • Are you fatigued?
  • Do you need meal planning support for your new activity levels?

The right foods gives us energy, keeps all our body systems – hormones, brain, heart, physical health and so on – working in optimal condition.


Our Holistic Nutrition services at SMRT Health supports your health concerns through:

  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Personalized Programs
  • Personalized Meal planning
  • Breakfast and B12 Program
  • Coaching
  • Education


What to expect from your visit with our Holistic Nutritionist

Your first visit –

Upon booking, you will be emailed a detailed questionnaire to be filled out and returned via email before our first visit.

During our visit, we will review the questionnaire in detail and discuss goals, concerns, current eating and lifestyle habits, and cover some basic nutritional guidelines to follow Within 72 hours.

I will email you a personalized plan to get you on the path to your goals including nutritional, lifestyle and supplemental recommendations, an eating plan to guide you, and other tools to assist you on your wellness journey.

Follow-up visits –

We will discuss progress, go over any concerns and discuss next steps. We will take small, sustainable actions to help you reach and exceed your wellness goals.