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Breathe Smrt and Clear!

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Breathe Smrt and Clear This Summer!

Wildfires. Vehicle emissions. Chemicals in the air. Smoking. Changes in the weather. So many different things affect our air quality daily that it’s hard to make sure you’re breathing in clean air. Which might leave you wondering how can you Breathe Smrt and Clear?

What is clean air?

Clean air is air free of harmful pollutants or free of dangerous levels of harmful pollutants. Even things you might not think were harmful can affect the air you’re breathing. Everything from car exhaust and cigarette smoke to dust and pet hair to wildfires happening provinces away – it all negatively contributes to your air quality. And we don’t always notice it!

When our air isn’t clean, it can do simple things like irritate your eyes, nose, or throat and cause shortness of breath. But the longer you’re exposed to poor air quality, the more likely it is to cause allergies and asthma. It can also contribute to things like cardiovascular disease.

Tips To Breathe Smrt and Clear!

There are plenty of ways to stay healthy, even when the air quality is poor. Our first tips to Breathe Smrt and Clear are specifically for when you’re indoors.

  • Double check your home. See if you have any air pollutants that might be affecting you and if you can do without them any of them. These include things like:
    • Cleaners and disinfectants
    • Bug repellants
    • Air fresheners
    • And more!
  • When it comes to a lot of the above, you can make some easy changes to your indoor air quality by switching to more natural cleaning products. We’ve got some examples below for you!
    • Water, vinegar, a hint of lemon juice, and a dash of lemon essential oil in a spray bottle makes for a very simple and more natural cleaning solution for your counters, sinks, tiles, and bathrooms.
    • Water and vinegar alone are great for cleaning windows without extra chemicals!
    • Have some stubborn, stuck on stains? Some water, vinegar, and castile soap (a soap made from vegetable oil. One popular brand is Dr. Bronner’s) will have those stains gone in no time.
    • Need to clean the oven? All you need is some filtered water, baking soda, and castile soap and your oven will be sparkling clean!
    • You can eve make your own bug spray with some essential oils, rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, and water or vinegar! (Check out this recipe here for one that works wonders!)
    • If you have the money, an essential oil diffuser will quickly replace your need or want for an air freshener – plus, they smell better too! You can also invest in some potpourri or fresh plants to make your place smell lovely!

Plant the Seed for Healthy Breathing!

You can also boost the air quality in your home by adding some air cleaning house plants.

  • Air cleaning house plants are plants that do exactly what it says on the label: they help filter the air around them and keep it just a bit cleaner than it would have been without them.
  • Such plants include:
    • Boston Ferns
    • Spider Plants
    • Chinese Evergreens
    • Bamboo Palms
    • Weeping Figs
    • Peace Lillies
    • English Ivy
    • And many others!

IMPORTANT: Some of air cleaning house plants are known to be toxic to pets. Be sure to research the best plants for your home!

  • For those of you born without a green thumb, have no fear! Plants like the Cast Iron Plant, Janet Craig, and Mexican Ponytail are all low-maintenance air cleaning house plants!
  • You can also think about investing in a HEPA-certified Air Purifier to help you breathe Smrt and Clear!
    • HEPA-certified Air Purifiers are also especially good for times when forest fire smoke is at its worst!

Breathe Smrt and Clear While Out and About!

Of course, we can’t spend all our times indoors! What do you do when you’re out and about and the air quality is incredibly poor? Well, we’ve got a couple ideas for you below:

  • One key strategy for breathing Smrt and Clear is to exercise during “Off” hours. If you’re exercising outdoors, aim to exercise either in the early morning or later in the evening to avoid the heaviest pollutant hours.
  • Be sure to treat the symptoms of smoke exposure – this especially key during times when forest fires are raging at their peak.
    • If you’ve got a sore throat and are coughing, treat it with more natural things like hot water and lemon or homeopathic cough syrups.
      • Important: If you suspect more severe illness such as lung infections, always see a doctor ASAP!

    • Do you have asthma or other lung conditions? Ensure you have an up-to-date plan for dealing with these conditions. A majority of those with asthma should be taking some form of corticosteroid medication.
      • If you’ve got questions about dealing with your lung conditions, be sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor and with our naturopath, Dr. Stacey Richards, so you can build a plan that’s right for you and your lungs!
    • Irritated and dry eyes? Treat that issue with some simple saline eye drops.
      • For more chronic dry eyes, make an appointment with Dr. Stacey Richards and she’ll help you even more!


Breathe Smrt and Clear All Summer!

So, there’s some excellent ideas to keep you breathing smart and clear all summer long! If you’re worried about more in-depth health issues, especially regarding your breathing and air quality, be sure to book an appointment with Dr. Stacey Richards today!

Important: In the event of a medical emergency, be sure to go to the ER or to a doctor ASAP!

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