3 Simple Tips to Keep You and Your Family Healthy This Winter

on October 26, 2020 by: Dr. Stacey Richards 0 Comments

3 Simple Tips to Keep You and Your Family Healthy This Winter

Are you ready for winter? Here are 3 simple tips that will keep you and your family healthy this winter.


Sure, you have your snow tires, windshield ice scraper, that great down filled coat and those boots built for life in Antarctica but what about your health. Those winter blues, feeling tired and fatigued, that horrid cough that is going around and should we mention the dreaded flu. Here are some preventative measures to help you skip all that this season.



    1.     Vitamin D

This sunshine vitamin is hands down the solution to many health concerns. One of the most important role for vitamin D is to keeping your immune system strong. Several studies show that it protects us from cold, bronchitis and pneumonia by fighting viruses and bacteria.


Another important role is the protection against Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Low Vitamin D levels are linked to depression. Your depressed mood or seasonal depression could very well be a symptom of vitamin D deficiency.


If you are feeling tired and fatigued as the winter months role on. Guess what? You could be vitamin D deficient. A large study found a connection between low vitamin D levels and fatigue. 


    2.     Immune support

We’ve all been there, everyone around you is sick and you are hoping and praying to the flu gods to please spare you this season. You have too much to do and getting sick is not an option. You wash your hands constantly, carry around wipes and hand sanitizers. You may even get the flu shot.


An immune system on high alert is your ticket to making it through the cold and flu season with little to no infections. There are many ways to support your immune system – rest, stress management, bone broth, clean healthy foods, vitamin C – but my favourite is a product call Pascoleucyn. Plain and simple it works for preventing colds/flus. It is the mainstay for my cold and flu prevention program because it supports the immune system very well. Not only is it an effective preventative measure but should you get a cold or flu it will minimize your symptoms and help you feel better faster.


    3.     Probiotics

These are the good bacteria that are in your yogurt, kefir or sauerkraut. They are not only in your gastrointestinal tract (GIT) for optimal digestion but play a pivotal role in your overall health – mental emotional health, immune function and disease prevention to name a few.  The importance of good bacteria is extremely important and cannot be overstated.


More specifically, 80% of your immune system is in the gastrointestinal tract, for this reason supporting the GIT means supporting the immune system. Probiotics are known to enhance immune function and reduce the risk of getting the cold.



We spend more than $300 million a year on over the counter cold and flu treatments and prescription for antibiotics, which only treat symptoms. Researchers concluded that preventative measure would reduce colds and flu and lower health care costs significantly.