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AcupunctureThe question arises, how does Acupuncture work? Scientists have no real answer to this. There are a few prevailing theories.

By metaphor, this is how I explain it to my patients – Consider many lanes on a highway with cars driving along at different speeds. Each lane represents a channel within the body and the car represents to flow of blood or Qi which is related to life energy.

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Anti aging facial mesotherapy syringe on woman face

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical medical procedure involving injectable treatments to various parts of the body in order to improve the condition or problem areas. Several important factors relevant to mesotherapy:

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Laboratory Tests

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Researchers loads PCR samplesTHERE ARE SEVERAL LAB TESTS AVAILABLE. THE LIST BELOW IS BY no means exhaustive.


Neurotransmitter Test –
Neurotransmitter imbalances has a part to play in psychiatric disorders like depression, insomnia, anxiety, behavioural disorders, memory disorders and a spectrum of other emotional and learning difficulties. Urine is tested. Read More

IV Therapy

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IV Therapy

Results vary from person to person

IV therapy often referred to as ‘nutrient therapy’, is a fast and effective way of getting high doses of various combinations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, homeopathics and plant extracts into the body.

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Injection Therapy

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injection therapy_SmallAdministration of substance by needle. This substance can be a vitamin, mineral or diluted plant based formulas.

Injection therapies Include:

  • Natural Immune boost
  • B12
  • Bcomplex

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